Looking Sexy: Finding a Lingerie that Suits You Best

    NEW YORK, NY, August 24, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are many types of sexy lingeries[1] available in the market, and women usually buy these items based on their styles, preferences, and personalities. Of course, the main reason for going for a particular lingerie should be comfort above all else. What use would it be if you can’t feel right about wearing it?

You may be surprised to find out that your lingerie options go beyond panty and bra sets. In fact, there are even one-piece undergarments that are guaranteed to make you feel and look sexy while being comfortable and soft on the skin. If you are looking for sexy lingeries, here are some of your options:


The teddy is a one-piece lingerie that is similar in structure to a one-piece bathing suit. Basically, it is a combination of camisole and sexy panties[2] that is why it is sometimes called the camiknickers. The most common teddy styles today include the sleep teddy (a teddy designed for sleepwear), the bareback teddy (which reveals the back and has a built-in bust support), and the body briefer teddy (which emphasizes the wearer’s figure). If you are after one-piece sexy lingeries, you can’t go wrong with teddies.

Baby Doll Nighties

Baby dolls are short nightgowns that usually have built-in bra cups and loose skirts, and they often come with panties to match. The skirt of the baby doll starts under the bust line and it can extend up to the wearer’s mid-thigh. It is a great choice for most body types whether you’re tall, short, or plus-size.


The camisole is an undergarment that is usually made of cotton, satin, or silk. It is a loose-fitting top that extends to the wearer’s waist. It can be worn over a bra or without it, and it usually has spaghetti straps. The camisole can be worn under your normal clothes or you can wear it as is when you go to sleep. Although camisoles can be considered a bit wholesome, it can definitely be sexy when you know what to do with it.

Garter Belt

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